Review: Giovanni Goes To Med School

Giovanni Goes To Med School (The Med School Series Book 1) - Kathy Bryson

I received this book to give an honest review.
So I didn't know really what to think of this book. For me the book was okay. As far as characters go I didn't really connect with Giovanni.

Our main character Giovanni wants to be a doctor, and he taking the night shift in the morgue. This intrigues me because that is where the dead are and the blurb mentions zombies. By the cover it doesn't seem like it will be a very graphic book so this has me wonder where is this story going to go.

Well Giovanni meets Mrs. Harris who is in the E.R. for a fall, while there she is very worried about her dog Rufus. Well somehow Giovanni gets to take the job of caring for this huge dog. As he takes on his night shift in the morgue with the dog Rufus, everything seems okay at first. That is until Mrs. Harris comes into the morgue. This starts a chain of events for Giovanni as he is certain she is dead. Though is she? We get a lot of detail on the decaying body but no true answers as to why she came back to life. We get a small sliver of an answer from a random character named Astral, who I believe is a nurse within the hospital. She seems like a shady character that has secrets.

Giovanni has no clue to what is honestly going on. His bosses doesn't want to believe him so what is he to do?

I don't want to give too much away as this is a novella and I could give too much