Children's Review : Mr. Harrison is Embarrassin'

Mr. Harrison Is Embarrassin'![MY WEIRDER SCHOOL #02 MR HARRI][Library Binding] - DanGutman

So since I had checked out book one from the library and book two at the same time I figured even if I did not really like book one I would still read book two. In this book we meet Mr. Harrison who is the tech guy for the school, he is also an inventor. I don't think we will be finishing this series up. I can not stand repetitive books. In this one it is no different. We have one student who is constantly saying "oh snap" I mean honestly? Is that all you can say when someone talks to you? When the lights go out during a special time Mr. Harrison asks some students to help him find someone who has gone missing during this time. Now K did like how he learned about idiom which when one was used he would mention "that is an idiom mom", so I did like he learned a bit of something. As far as name calling goes it is the normal kid stuff though my son knows we don't call folks name. Overall is a decent book just something I don't think we will continue reading the series.