Review: Eternal Night

Eternal Night (The Fates of Betrayal Book 1) - Alayna Ravenwood

I received this book to give an honest review. So I was debating on going between a three and a four star review. The only reason is because it seemed rushed when we first started the book. Anna loses her memory and with this she also loses someone very close to her. This causes her to move in with her cousin Brook. Somehow the two avoid each other and then all of a sudden want to hang out when they go to this elite school. Now this school seems to be for those that have powers of some sort, and right now there seems to be a war brewing on the top of it all. We go between different p.o.v.'s and realms and it was a bit confusing at times because there seemed to be not a whole lot of backstory to the characters that were introduced to us. Anna is on a mission to gain her memory back but while doing so she is making enemies with some of the students. I was kind of wondering about her relationship with one of the guys named Cade. He seemed to like her but she was pulled to Blake for some reason. It is like it could not be fully explained just that something within her wanted Blake. The book started to get interesting when we see how Blake starts fighting with himself to control the blood urges. Though it seems that Blake has a path to follow and those that are involved with this war, will stop at nothing to make sure he goes down their path. As far as characters go I didn't really click with any of them. I mean Anna was back and forth with the drama, Brook I am not too sure on her. Roslyn she seemed intriguing but she didn't really stick out in my head. I think the author could have done better with the approach on how Anna needed answers to the questions she had. It was like she didn't try to get answers from anyone but Blake. Would I read book two? Sure I think that towards the end of the book I started enjoying it more and wondered if Anna would finally be told everything. I think that teens and young adults would enjoy this book.