Review: Midnight Crossroad (book 1)

Midnight Crossroad (A Novel of Midnight, Texas) - Charlaine Harris

So when I read book two last year and I enjoyed it I was excited to see that my library had book one in. I jumped on the chance to read about Midnight from the beginning. In this book we are introduced to the characters that make up Midnight. A small town in Texas with just one stop light.
I really liked how the characters all had a secret about them so it made it more of a supernatural mystery. Though I wish we got more backstory to them and what drew them to Midnight. Especially being as there is a handful of businesses but there isn't a lot of traffic that should keep them going.
So as far as characters I think that Olivia really has me intrigued only because she can handle getting rid of a body with ease. Like oh I can get rid of him, let me throw him over my shoulder.
Now Fiji I was in the air with her. I wanted to like her but she had a lot going on with herself. She likes Bobo but he is really just a good friend. She really was not a character I truly enjoyed.
As not only are we being introduced to all that live in Midnight, we also have a mystery of Bobo's girl who has gone missing. Bobo is a mess when he thinks about her. So when a body is found Bobo's past comes to the present and everyone in Midnight comes together to solve this mystery.
The plot was steady nothing too fast and there isn't a whole lot of action. Just enough to wet your whistle and that is all.
If you like small town books, characters who are of the supernatural and have secrets then I say hey pick this up.