Children's Review: Dakota, the Flying Ballerina

Dakota, The Flying Ballerina - Mariska Adriani, Lou Silluzio

We received this book to give an honest review.


A loved this book because Dakota could fly and now has decided she wants to fly as well. Dakota is a ballerina and wants to do her best so she practices and practices a lot. While twirling around she wishes she could fly! Who knew that wish would come true? When it suddenly happens she is so surprised and amazed, she can fly and her wings are beautiful.While flying around and enjoying everything, something comes out in the night sky and she is scared. Can she find her way home? 

I loved watching A's face as I read what was in the sky scaring Dakota. A was getting really hyped up telling Dakota "fly faster, hurry, hurry." I found this story to be cute and really brings out the imagination of a little girl.

As far as pictures go some of them were good while a face or two looked kind of weird but nothing that took away from the story.