Children's Review: Camilla and Chilli

Camilla and Chilli - Mariska Adriani, Lou Silluzio

We received this book to give an honest review.


I read this too A and she loved seeing the different dogs that were mentioned in the book. She really like how Camilla said she was fast in running. A kept saying I can run fast too mom watch.

The pictures were good and I liked how they were on every page. Most books now a days on the ereader have either words on one page then a picture or vise versa.

Camilla is scared of dogs and that is how some people are. Her parents don't want her to be afraid so they let her get a puppy. This helps her not feel so afraid as she learns about some behaviors of dogs which A looked surprised to learn about. I think this story give a good lesson on facing your fears and learning to understand what scares you.