Children's Review: The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm

The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm by LeVar Burton (2014-10-07) - LeVar Burton; Susan Schaefer Bernardo;

She is 4 and didn't understand the message that was within the story she just thought it was sad that a storm got rid of everything and that Rhino was in a hole. Then she liked how she got to see a lot of different animals in a circle at the end and laughed when he sat on a tortoise which gave great wisdom. 


For this story this is a storm outside that Mica the mouse is scared of and it is because her home was destroyed. Her papa tells her the story of the rhino who swallowed a storm after his own home was gone and how he coped it with it all. He needed his friends to help him understand he doesn't have to keep things bottled up inside. He should talk about what is bothering him. 

The book does rhyme and the pictures are pretty good.

I think this is a good book for children to read and maybe understand the message that is being told.