Review: Set In the Woods

Set in the Woods - Lacey Crowe

I received this book to give an honest review.


So if I was to judge a book by its cover I probably wouldn't have picked up the book. The cover doesn't appeal to me. 

Now if I went off what the book was about I would have picked it up no problem. 

This is one of those books that when the twist hits you are like WHAT? It was the kind of twist I was not expecting it to go. We start the book of with Lionel in the woods with someone running away. Okay sounds creepy and I believe I know where this story is going. Then we switch to Jordan who is a teenager who is trying to make it on his own with his girlfriend. I felt a bit sorry for Jordan. So when he sees a job opening for a movie being made he decides to go for it. This has him introduced to Lionel. Now the whole scene with Jordan and Lionel had me disturbed and going okay what does Lionel have planned. Then the twist comes and we see how everything works out. For a short story this book was on point. The ending had me living my mouth wide opened. 

If you have not read this author's other work I suggest you jump on it.