Review: A Mother Scorned

A Mother Scorned and Other Stories - Michele Bardsley

So I actually just picked up this book from a site called Instafreebie. Though there was no blurb to it, the cover and titled called out to me to read it. This review is only for this story. I can not find this story just by itself. I have not read the other stories that are in the collection. 


I was surprised this book went the way it did. For a short story it was crazy but complete. Josie is a single mother to Maggie. She is doing well on her own though her daughter is attached to this bear she calls Teddy. Josie believes it is a reminder of her dad Ted. When this bear gets destroyed by accident it is like a healing for both Maggie and Josie because well Ted left them for some other woman. Josie is trying to heal by doing things in her garden but memories creep up on her. As the story progresses we get a feel that something tragic happened and the real reason Ted is no longer in the home. I don't want to give anything away but once everything clicked into place I was left with the OMG moment. The story is easy to follow along very short and to the point.