Review: The Rules of Restraint

The Rules of Restraint - David Wilson

I received this book to give an honest review.

So I would have given this book a five star rating hands down. It was well written but aside from it being well written at times I felt confused as to whose p.o.v. I was in. So I dropped it to a four.
Though it all started to make sense towards the end.

With this story a prison called Greenbank is handling its prison differently. Trying more of a therapeutic way of trying to help the prisoners. That is until a new governor takes over and then things start going down hill. Prisoners are being murdered and one of them has escaped. What the heck is going on?

As the story goes on we learn that there is a reason this serial killer escaped as it was all part a plan that someone has put together. We meet Dr. Kate Crowther who is the prison psychologist and may have an insight on what is going through the prisoners head. When she joins D.I. Nick Knight and Governor Munro on a profile of who is behind it all, it is a surprise. Munro is dealing with a lot going on. His prison has been turned upside down and to make matters worse his daughter is missing and with the serial killer out there he is super worried. Could she be his next victim? It is a race against time to find her and that is when everything starts to make sense.
I can honestly say I wasn't expecting that turn of events towards the end but it was good how it all was wrapped up.
Now the pace was a bit slow at first but once we see Knight and Crowther start trying to figure out who is behind it all, everything started going to a steady pace.