Review: When I'm Gone

When I'm Gone: A Novel - Emily Bleeker

So I borrowed this book free with Prime and let me tell you I was very glad I did. Honestly I might not have picked this book up but after reading the blurb I knew I wanted to give the book a try. Man this book gave me the feels on so many levels. We are introduced to Luke who lost his wife and is now having to raise three children on his own. Though what he doesn't expect is to get letters from Natalie. It seems that before Natalie passed away she wrote letters that were to be delivered to him to help him. Though as the letters come he starts wondering who is delivering them and when his son believes himself to be adopted Luke goes on a mission to prove to his son that he wasn't. Though it seems another secret might come to light one that has something to with Luke. As Luke is trying to uncover what secret Natalie had he also is becoming friends with her best friend, and she has her own problems going on at home. One that hits too close to home for Luke. When everything comes out I can honestly say I did not see that coming at all. I was left with my mouth opened. I really loved the idea of Natalie writing these letters to her husband and the one letter telling him how to cook the pancakes melted my heart. I really loved this author's work that I believe I will be reading her work again!