Review: Packs of the Pacific Northwest series

Marked By Werewolves: Packs Of The Pacific Northwest Series, Books 1-3 (BBW Paranormal Werewolf Shapeshifter Romance) (Action and Adventure Wolf Shape Shifter Pregnancy Romance) - Meg Ripley

I received this book to give an honest review.


So I am not sure how to rate this book as I am between a three and a four. At times it really pulled me in and then at other times I was just like oh okay.

We start the book off with Azia who is a bar owner in Portland. When she is attacked because she just won't bend to the Brotherhoods will like everyone else she finds herself in a situation that has her faking her own death. Her lover Dwight seems shady as heck and didn't seem to care too much on calming her sister down when her sister comes into play. Though we are left with a cliffhanger with Azia and Dwight. 

Fast Forward Azia's sister Sera who has come looking into this death of her sister, finds out her sister's secret though while doing that she finds herself in the sights of this Brotherhood. When she teams up with Seth we see the sparks fly between them and this leads to a match that well leads us to the title of the second book Werewolf Baby Daddy. Seth is willing to help Sera but he also wants her to be safe. In this novella we also meet his other alpha half Stephanie. A major fight goes down and we don't know who is truly alive until the next story. 

In book three Aiza feels bad on how she was brainwashed and is determined to be close to her sister again. Though while helping the werewolf police with their investigation she finds herself being drawn into the man who is protecting her. Will Aiza allow herself to be happy and fall in what seems to be love? Who knows. I really liked book three as everything comes together and of course we got our h.a.e which was good. 


Now there were somethings that bothered me with the book. 

1. At times it felt just plan rushed with Aiza and what she was dealing with. Not to mention the sudden rush of attraction between Sera and Seth.

2. The author was not on point with descriptions of things. So when Aiza turned her clothes were shredded, then all of a sudden Dwight lifted up her skirt? Wait how did that happen? You got to be on point with simple things. 

3. The sex scenes now mind you they were hot but some how Aiza's scenes seemed more hotter than Sera not sure how that happened.

4. Stephanie so I am not sure about her being an alpha. At times she came off as an alpha but then other times she just was willing to jump into the middle of things without thinking what could happen. Especially the scene with Seth on the lookout for Dwight.

5. There were a couple of misspellings of words. Like pavement was payment and look was luck. 

If you like werewolves then I suggest you try this book out. You may enjoy it.