ARC Review: The Woman in the White Mask

The Woman in the White Mask (The Soren Chase Series, Book Three) - Rob Blackwell

I received this ARC to give an honest review. 


This was a great story that we get to learn how the Pretender we know as Soren Chase really came too be. Soren Chase gets his memory back in an unusual way. The Woman in the White Mask is Kuchisake-onna, she is not a woman you want too meet, but somehow Soren keeps seeing her time and time again. Will he even survive because it seems she is not there for fun. 

While Soren is dealing with his memory issues, he is also trying to stop a bunch of teenagers from raising demons. With the help of Sara, Friday and hopefully the arm the ritual can be stopped. Though the question is will the 13 succeed. I think this is my favorite book out of the Soren Chase books. Just because so many questions were answered. I also liked how Kuchisake-onna played a part, as soon as I saw her name I went to searching for information to her existence. What I found was fascinating.


So much is answered in this book and the bit of the cliffhanger at the end has me wondering what is the plans that the council has. It just seems to get better and better.