Review: When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls: The First Vampire Redemption Story by Ellen Chauvet (2016-03-16) - Ellen Chauvet

I received this book to give an honest review.

So the book was okay nothing that left me going OMG!!
Lexie as a character I just didn't really get her too much and her sayings that she would say. I was left going really? I live in the south and never heard that before.
There were some things that threw me for a loop as far as the way Lexie would act but nothing too bad. Sometimes she didn't seem like a young adult more like a teenager in some scenes.
So Lexi is a normal girl or so she thinks until her best friend is murdered. This changes her whole world because know she has learned that she is a vampire executioner. We see how she goes back and forth for a while between wanting to do it and then not so sure.
While learning that she is a vampire executioner she fights her feelings for Etienne because a vampire and an executioner can't be together right?
While learning the history of all this she is going to have to prepare to fight and evil vampire couple who has no problem turning and killing humans.
There is a bit of a twist within the story along with some backstabbing so it was interesting to see where it was all going to go and will love conquer the dark.

So somethings that bothered me. Lexie has been working out before she learned her background. Though she acts surprised when she finds out about hitting someone in the nose a certain way will kill them. Uhh you didn't learn this in your workout that you have been doing?
Etienne has been around for years and years so he is pretty strong. I would like to know then why if he drinks human blood one time he automatically goes to the dark side? I mean I liked how that came about but I wished there was more explanation.
If you like vampires stories with some action and a few sex scenes then I say hey pick it up.