NetGalley Review: Killing Jane

Killing Jane - Stacy Green

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


I have to say I really enjoyed this book. Though seeing how much Erin Prince struggled between the issues with her family name got old I understood the significance of it all.

Erin is trying to just be a good detective but with her name being well known will it help her in this case or hurt?

Her new partner Beckett seems like a pretty good partner even takes her outbursts with a little grain of salt. It seems that someone is killing based off of Jack the Ripper but why? Erin and Beckett need to solve the case before more and more people are murdered in a gruesome way but will they be too late? This does deal with sexual abuse and it seems that for Erin it hits too close to home and I have to wonder if she will ever get the therapy she needs. I can honestly say I was very surprised at the twist of who the killer was because honestly I didn't see it. I liked how it took Erin and Beckett until towards the end to put the pieces together. So there was a scene in the book with Erin's brother Brad, and as I read the passage I wondered why would the author put that in there. Unless it was meant to be a filler, but as we got to the end of the story and then it all made sense of why she did that scene.

I felt the characters were well developed and the plot was well thought out. I can honestly see myself reading more of the Erin Prince series. I just hope her and Beckett ease into their working relationship instead of her always coming across hostile.


One quote in the book had me laughing because I am a parent of two that are in school.

"Although with Abby in fourth grade, Erin had begun to realize being a parent essentially meant going through school all over again."