ARC Review: Sink: Underworld Ascending

Sink: Underworld Ascending - Perrin Briar

I received this ARC to give an honest review.


This is the last book in this series. I can honestly say that it has not being boring at all, plenty of action through out it all.

So we pick up right where we left off from the previous book. The family has gone through another passage and they are hoping it is the way home. Though it seems that what they really found is a place called Crossroads. This Crossroads leads to other passages and one in particular called Hell's Gate. It seems this could be the way home but will the family be able to pass through? Also people from their past will play a huge part which will come in handy when trying to stop the Cursed Ones from doing whatever they have planned.


I am sad this series is coming to an end as I wanted more worlds but it was a good series. The characters were well developed and even when faced with death they still survived and overcame it all. I do wonder how you would feel after having such amazing adventures then learning how to go back to your normal life. 

Though one thing I would like to know is how long were they underground? When I finished the book they made it seemed like it was just not very long.