NetGalley Review

The Perfect Stranger: A Novel - Megan Miranda

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review. So the suspense of this book kept me on my toes I really wanted to know if Leah would uncover the truth about her roommate. She did but the ending I felt lacked the wow factor in it all. Maybe the author wanted to play it safe, but I wanted to know what truly would make Emmy Grey do what she did. It couldn't be just because of her knowing someone eight years ago no, to me it seemed more deeper than that. In The Perfect Stranger Leah is starting over with her life because of what happened when she was a journalist. She still thinks about it though she is trying to move on. Everything seems to be going good for her as she is becoming a teacher until someone is found injured near her home not only that she is getting phone calls and emails. When her roommate goes missing Leah can't just let the cops do their job it could be too late. So Leah starts investigating and what she will uncover will be something that seems to have been in the works for a long time. How you can trust anyone when the one person you thought you could trust is not who they truly are? There was plenty of suspense there I just felt it lacked the big wow factor towards the end more like a safe ending. I felt that Leah could have demanded more answers from Emmy. As well as Kyle could have demanded more answers for Leah being as he is a police detective he seemed to be very forth coming with things going on with the case with Leah.