I am back!!

Man not sure what has been going on with booklikes but I have not been able to connect via facebook! 


What have you all been reading? I just finished Blood Street by Carl Alves and it has vampires and the mafia. We all know that won't be a good mix. 

My son and I are in the middle of Harry Potter. We are almost done with book two and then we will be moving on to book three. He has really been doing good with listening to me read. 


Also I learned that he really doesn't enjoy reading UNLESS it is an audio book! He can listen to books and keep his hands busy which is really good for him. I am hoping that the audiobooks will keep the spark for reading going. 


Now I know we are in the month of August but is everyone excited for IT? I know that is coming out next month. I am so wanting to see it in theaters but yet I am terrified jerks will be walking around in clown costumes and I might have to throat punch someone for scaring me. 


Well I am off to get some reviews written hope life is treating you well.