Hell Will Rise (Bloodthirst Mafia #1) by Skyla Murphy

I received this book to give an honest review. 
So I really did enjoy the story and the way that Hunter could read numbers and crack codes was really awesome, never read a mafia story with that in. 
We learn that Hunter has lost it all and joined the Mafia but it has not been easy the things he has seen and endured are enough to bring any man or woman to their knees. Yet Hunter isn't just a normal person he has learned to take the heartache and pain like a champ. 
When Shayla enters his life it is not all rainbows Hunter is given a choice and he is to follow through or bad things will happen. 
It seems that Shayla and Hunter are connected in some way and when the truth is reveled the question will be asked. Can Hunter not kill her?
We see how a relationship could happen between Hunter and Shayla and we see the chemistry there it just takes a long time to take hold. Now as far as characters go I do enjoy them yet Shayla drove me crazy with her smart mouth. 
At times I can understand why she would get mouthy but in other situations it was like okay you gotta know when to be quiet. Hunter as a character I liked him. Especially the way he handled his life and knew that he made a mistake joining the Mafia but yet he knew why he had to. His back and forth with Shayla was ridiculous. Like he knew she couldn't be in his life yet needed her to be. He would rub his hands all over and get all hot and bothered but yet didn't want to have sex with her under the circumstances.
Other than that it was a good book to read with plenty of action. The way the ending came about I am ready to read the next book. I need to know what choice will Hunter make?