Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse #2) by Charlaine Harris Halloween Book Bingo 2017

I am so glad my library has this in ebook it seems to be read so much faster by me rather than in paperback.


With that said I have to learn not to compare the books to the tv show it doesn't follow it all the way. 

One of my favorite characters is killed off in this one way too early for my liking! 

So I am not sure what is going on with Sookie in these books. She doesn't seem like the tough gal I pegged her for it is like she is okay with being Bill's human toy. She doesn't truly stand up for anything, well wait let me take that back she does want to find out who murdered her friend and she does uncover that but that is about it. 

So Sookie is attacked by a maenad which has a message that needs to be sent to our lovely Eric, on top of that she will find herself in Dallas helping the vampires there find their missing member. This is where we are introduced to the church Fellowship to the Sun and Sookie will find the answers she needs. One thing I do like about Sookie is her ability to read minds. She knows when she shouldn't and when she should, I think a lot of people that had that power wouldn't be so cautions with it. 

I do plan on reading book three as I want to see what else Sookie will find herself caught in the middle of!