Feed by Mira Grant Halloween Book Bingo 2017

So I have seen this book around a few book sites and when I saw my local library had it I wanted to see if it way any good. Well for me it was a decent read worth 4 wine glasses. Only because of two reasons 1. Is because it took me until about the second attack to really get into the book. 2. I have no clue really what  Newises, Fictionals, and Irwins really were in the blogging world. I know that is something small but it bothered me. 

Characters I actually really like Georgia and Shaun as brother and sister they made a bad-a.. team trying to get the news to the public. 

In zombie stories we always have it go the way of the heroine killing them, finding survivors and trying to live. In this story that has zombies (even animals that can become zombies) we have a community of people living a semi-normal life with the occasional outbreaks and getting the news out to the people. This isn't your normal run of the mill news this is news via camera feeds and being put up on After the End times blog. You have testing when you enter a place or vehicle and then you have to test when you exit. In this new world it is very testing so to speak. 

When Georgia and Shaun get to be part of the biggest story ever it will jump their ratings like never before. They get to cover the man running for presidency how neat is that! Georgia lets it be known that she will record any and everything though when outbreaks start happening, and her people start dying she realizes that the story is bigger than before. I will say this Georgia and her crew will stop at nothing to uncover what is going on even if that means dying themselves. 

I do think I plan on reading the next book in this series because where we leave off I am wondering what Shaun is going to be up to.