The Woods (Berry Springs #1) by Amanda McKinney Halloween Book Bingo 2017

I received this book to give an honest review.


Katie left Berry Springs 10 years ago so when her sister is going through a divorce and needs her Katie comes back. When her sister dies Katie has always felt that she was murdered yet the police ruled it an accident. Now a year later Katie is back to sell the home she once grew up in. Her plan is to get it done, leave, and never return well that plan ends up getting thrown up in the air. When bodies show up and a mysterious stranger named Jake comes into her life, Katie's world is just a bit upside down. It seems that just maybe someone is watching Katie and not in a good way. Katie seems kind of weary of this new stranger yet not weary enough to let him not in her bed! 

Not only are bodies showing up but there seems to be a possible terrorist threat hitting the state, and this is where Jake will come into play. He has to find out what is going on before tragedy hits and he doesn't get the job.

Characters were fully developed. I really liked the mystery of Jake and how well he can keep a secret. I think he would make a fine good agent!

As far as plot goes I felt it was steady! I was able to finish this in one setting because I really wanted to see if we would find out who was behind the murders. 

So I give this book a 4 rating because I wasn't sure on some information in the book.

We have a man who hits his head and yet he is still alive. It says in the book "he fell backwards, his head bouncing off of the rocks." To me this sounds like the dude is going to have some huge brain damage yet he gets put into custody and no mention of hospital. 

Also the ending I re-read it twice it didn't make sense to me. Jolene knew what Chase was going to do and never trusted him? What was that whole scene about? I can only hope that maybe there will be another book in the works so we can find out. It seems that Jolene plays a part in Berry Springs but what exactly.