The Border by Steve Schafer

I received this book to give an honest review.

What a page turner for me. We always hear how hard it is for people to cross into the United States but to have it told in a story it felt different, more raw and I liked that. Four kids have their lives changed when gunmen kill at a party. We see how they learn to come together but yet still fight for their lives while trying to get across the border. Nothing will be easy and heartache will ensue. They will encounter harsh conditions and death. This book was not like anything I have read before and I enjoyed that. The characters felt real and when put into certain situations I felt that they handled it like they were suppose to. The whole scene with the vultures was like nothing I have seen described and I felt it went where it needed to in the story.
There was one scene where Pato and Arbo are in the desert and Pato thinks about the only way to cool Arbo down.
Well this leads to later on everyone joking with Pato which actually had me laughing and just shaking my head, because well you will do anything to make sure your friend lives.

Another part in the book I really liked was when Pato and Arbo are talking about water and the taste. They are questioning why water doesn't taste like anything unlike everything else we put in our mouth. "You can't describe water, and it's the one think we need the most. Why not give it flavor?" This really gets you thinking about that!

Overall this book was amazing and a real eye opener to the illegal immigration that goes on and the depths of what people will do to get out of the country they are in., especially when they are running away from something terrible.