Russian Roulette (Dev Haskell Mystery, #1) by Mike Faricy Halloween Book Bingo 2017

 I have read the other books in the Dev Haskell series and I can say that not only did I enjoy them, but I didn't feel lost by reading out of order. 


So this is the very first Dev Haskell book and let me say Dev still finds himself in with the wrong crowd....women and booze are his downfall. I love how being a P.I. he does things his own way, he doesn't listen to those with a badge. 

He gets a case of a missing person though what he uncovers is something way more deeper than someone missing. It seems that bodies will start piling up and Dev will find himself in the crossfire. Is the Russian Mob actually involved? Well the FBI believes so and with the help of Dev they plan to put an end to their ways. 

There are parts that will have you just shake your head and laugh, while other parts you ask yourself why did he put himself in that situation. 

Overall Dev is a good P.I. and stops at nothing to get the answers to the cases he takes on. If you like humor in your P.I. stories check out this series.