Tegen Punishment (book 3)

Tegen Punishment (Tegens) (Volume 3) - Inge-Lise Goss

I am not big on spiders, yet the author did an amazing set of books that have these special spiders in them.

Sara is a put on a big case to help bring in a Tegen who has gone awol so to speak and is hurting people. Not only that this person is okay with using the spiders in a way that they should not be used. 

Sara has to go undercover yet what happens when she is discovered?

Well you have to see about that.

This case will not be easy, she will find herself in certain predicaments that she will be lucky to have someone watching her back when needed. I am still kind of iffy on Connor as something seems to be up with him though I can not pinpoint it just yet. 

The characters are very well developed and the situations they are put in are great even though the outcome may not be good. 

There is plenty of action, mystery, and trying to stay alive in this one.