NetGalley Review: A Guide for Murdered Children #Halloween Book Bingo 2017

A Guide for Murdered Children: A Novel - Sarah Sparrow

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


So I was looking around on NetGalley and this cover called me to check it out! Pink and the title says A Guide for Murdered Children well I knew I needed to check out the blurb to see if it would be something good. 

It took me a good 54 to 60 percent into the book to actually get into it and start to truly understand what really was going on. We have adults who have died and children who have died take their place yet the adult who died is still there sort of. Though the child will get a moment of balance when they get the person who murdered them and pretty much will get the peace they deserve. I thought it was a neat idea. 


Though for some reason it just seem to drag on and there wasn't really anything cool or interesting happening until towards the end, where we learn that one person has two souls that have entered him and everything seems to come full circle. 


As far as characters go I didn't really get into them too much, Willow just didn't seem to be on point very much and was torn between being down on his luck, being friendly with his ex, to trying too solve a cold case. Yet there never seem to be much going on what they really had or actually interviewing people. 

It was kind of weird that the children would engage in adult behaviors while inhabiting the body of the adult yet I could understand why they were doing it to keep up appearances. 

These children are guided by a porter and follow a guide that gives them advice on how to take care of the body they are in, and what they should be doing. 

The changing of the characters names in the middle of paragraphs bothered me and I really had to pay attention to who was actually talking. Example being Maya would be talking then all of a sudden the name would switch to Lydia who is the adult that Maya took over. Not sure if the author was just reminding us that there were two people in the same mind frame or not, yet it sometimes was confusing. 

The author seems to have a good way of writing a story yet I feel as though she over did it with just way to much of different things trying to come together in one. 

I would have liked more backstory on the porters especially Annie because she seems like a mysterious being. 

Overall 2 stars, I think with a bit of polishing up this could be a good story to give out to the readers.