How I Lost You

How I Lost You: A Novel - Jenny Blackhurst
I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.
Man I was pulled into this story and it was hard for me to stop reading. A mother's worst nightmare happens to Susan and you just can't help but to read to find out if there will be justice. 
Susan has been in a Institute for killing her newborn son, yet she doesn't fully remember doing it just that she woke up with him dead. 
She has felt guilt ever since then and has pushed everyone away. She is starting a new life, with a new place, new name, just everything is new. She wants to fly under the radar so no one should know who she is exactly. Yet when she ends up getting a picture of a young boy who could be her child it opens up a secret that has been going on for a long time. How truly well do you know someone if you think you have your life in order?
That is the question that Susan has to figure out because what she uncovers is all connected in one way or another to the death of her son. We see how Susan doesn't give up trying to get the answers to what happened along with finding out who is sending her things to do with her son in the mail. 
We go back and forth between Susan in the present day to a group of boys in the past and it all leads us to an amazing ending. I loved how the plot was a steady pace and how I was easily pulled into the story line. I can not imagine what Susan went through four years ago, she is a strong character. As far as characters go I felt that they were done really good and the situations they were in really shaped them.