NetGalley Review

Polar Bear Postman - Seigo Kijima

We received this book via NetGalley  to give an honest review.


Cute story about a family of crane's whose little chick goes missing and the Polar Bear Postman who goes to find him after getting a letter. He asks many different animals if they have happened to see this crane chick and each one either tells him yes or no. When he gets a letter from another district saying they have a crane chick can he find the parents Milk knows just what to do!

As far as the pictures went I thought they were okay but at times seemed to be rushed to draw in a way. 

Also another thing I noticed was a lot of words that should have been capitalized and were not, along with a lot of repeating sentences. Not sure if that was intentional or not but it was a bit of a distraction when reading.