NetGalley Review

Girl in Snow: A Novel - Danya Kukafka

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

This book took me a long time to get into. It just seemed to go at a very slow pace for me and there was really no action until towards the end, and even that wasn't a lot of action, when we actually get to find out what truly what happened to Lucinda.
We are told the story through three different pair of eyes. Which the author did a good job with switching characters. I was not lost on that at all.

Cameron who likes to watch people late at night sounds really creepy. He is also dealing with the fact his dad is not there anymore because of what he did. We see how Cameron believes he might have "untangled" which is a term that he has give himself when he doesn't remember things.

Jade who never liked Lucinda comes very an unhappy home, and knows about Cameron and what he does. She also does a screen play of what she wishes she had said when she is speaking to someone. At first I was kind of like why is this in here? Yet I understood where Jade was coming from. We also have things in our head we really want to say, yet we never do.

Then we have Russ who you can tell has always been in love with Cameron's mom but yet was best friends with his dad. Russ has held secrets about Cameron's dad that he wished he never had. He got the call, "we've got a body" which he hasn't heard while being a cop. Small town doesn't seem to have much crime. As everything starts unraveling it brings back memories of Cameron's dad among other things.

It seems that there might have been a lot of people who wanted Lucinda dead yet when we find out who was behind it you never think about that person.
I will say I was disappointed that we didn't get to really get into Lucinda's life when we find out who the killer was why, did we never get like a clue? Why didn't we get to really know what was inside her journal? It was small things like that, that kind of made it not exciting. You know if a teenage girl is murdered in anyway her life is an opened book yet we never get told much except by Jade and Cameron.
I couldn't really connect with the characters at all. I found myself wondering if the pace of the book was going to pick up.
It was an okay book for me, three stars.