Dragon Wars

Dragon Wars - Emily Fogle

 I received this book to give an honest review.


So I have had this book for a long time. I never felt my son was fully ready to listen to the story and understand fully what it all contained. 

I honestly was glad I waited because K was really enjoying the story. Danny is a normal kid who has to move to a new town with his mom. His mom is very caring and worries about him. One day when he is suppose to be cleaning his room he finds a magic box and book what he discovers is a whole new world. Though it seems that this new world is in peril. Danny finds out that the dragon world Dorcian needs his help. With his new friends Gor and Ebby among a few other dragons and new creatures there will be a battle. While Danny is learning about this new amazing world Dorcian he also has to deal with the bullying from school. Danny rather be fighting a war rather than deal with this bully. Will the good actually win this battle with evil in Dorcian or is the enchantress have turned this world so evil. Ebby as a dragon is lucky she never turned out evil because she is so good hearted and has a lot on her shoulders. You can tell it breaks her heart to see her world wrapped in evil and that some of her fellow brothers and sisters in the clutches of evil. 

I think that with Danny being in Dorcian he really learns how to be courageous and stand up to the bad. It is like he has grown.  


The one thing that K and I both really enjoyed was how much descriptions were used to describe what was felt and seen. I honestly do not think I have ever had a book that was so full of description that it feels like you are right there in the book.


Now I will say this book took us about a month to read it, just because the chapters were long and we would only read about 15 to 20 minutes a night. 

K did tell me that he liked how there were hand drawn pictures in the book and thought that they were really cool. His favorite part were with the little men who rode ants but yet remember they are not little they are big. You have to make sure you know this or feel their wrath.   K did want to know if there was another book because he really liked this story.