Children's Review

The Trickster - L. G. Miles, Amy Miles

I received this book to give an honest review.


So I didn't end up reading this to K I read it by myself because I wasn't sure if it would be too scary for him or not. Honestly I think for K he would enjoy this book. The reason I am giving it a 4 star rating is well honestly it kind of reminded me of IT with the so called scary clown. 

We start off the story in 1905 where we learn that there is a staff with a dragon head involved. Okay I can see where this is going. Fast forward a bit and we are now with the children Tommy, Jack and Becky. They decide to go to the house where an old lady passed away to investigate what they uncover is a ghost story. It seems that there is a Trickster ghost and he is somehow tied to the house that he haunts.


Now for kids this is a good story especially to read towards Halloween I didn't think it was scary in anyway but yet in a kids mind I am sure they might get a small scare so to speak. As far as characters go they are young 12 year old's so I can't relate to them in anyway but I am sure K can especially with their curiosity.