Children's Review

To Dream of Dancing: Desdemona's Dreams, Volume 1 - Aaron  Damon Porter, Z.W. Mohr

We received this book to give an honest review.


This was an interesting book. We are introduced to Desdemona who lives with her aunts in a different kind of house where she has vivid dreams. She also daydreams a lot in school and finds herself in trouble. Yet what she is dreaming about is Maestro and a ballerina who has to keep dancing so he can finish his song yet Desdemona knows that it won't be good if the ballerina keeps dancing and dancing. Somehow it is up to Desdemona to put a stop to what he has planned. 

When Desdemona enters the dream world we do get a bit of song that the Maestro is trying to finish. 

I was kind of surprised at the ending and I don't want to go into any other details as I may give it away. 

As far as pictures go K mentioned that they looked kind of scary and he didn't really like them. I think I can agree with him on that one.