NetGalley Review: Let Me Lie

I Let You Go - Clare Mackintosh

So when I started out the book and we started going through different points of views I thought we were dealing with an actual ghost. Though as the story went on it became clear as to who was actually telling us what was going on in their view. Not everything in this book is what it seems, so when the truth comes to light for me I was like oh wow so that is how it truly went down.

Anna is having a hard time with both of her parents committing suicide. When weird things start to happen she gets the police involved yet what starts to unwrap is something more sinister. Can Anna really comes to terms with the truth? It is really hard for me to write this review up without giving anything away. All I will say is pick this book up and give it a try, see what you think.

As far as characters went I felt they were well developed and the plot line was steady though at times felt a little slower but nothing too major. I did like the twist in the end even though it was sad that is how it went down when the truth came to light.