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Just a mom who finds reading and reviewing to be enjoyable between housework, and raising my two minions. I enjoy pretty much everything I can get my hands on except bio's and historical. My main go to books are horror, dystopian, murder and the paranormal. 


Children's Review: Ellie Camps Under The Stars

The Amazing Adventures of Ellie The Elephant: Ellie Camps Under the Stars (Volume 6) - Cornelia Murariu, Elle Fair, Marci Fair

We received this book to give an honest review.


A has really enjoyed reading this amazing series with Ellie the Elephant and her friend Pudgy the penguin. 

In this adventure they are going to go camping outside and my children are slowly starting to enjoy outdoor camping. With Ellie and Pudgy they play games, cook smores, hike and read. All the fun things you would do on a camping trip. There are no scary monster here so that is always a plus. The pictures are wonderful and if you haven't started this series to see all the places and adventures these two have gone, you must start reading. It is always fun to try something adventurist and new, Ellie and Pudgy show us that in every book. 

Review: Dream Big

Dream Big - Kat Kronenberg
So we received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.
So when I saw this book I thought okay this maybe something A would like. It has animals, a catchy title, looks like bright colors she would love to read this. For us it was okay, there are no words and for me I am not big on that type of format. I like a story with words to be told, as I am not very good at telling a story. Normally I would give a book like that a solid two but A liked looking at the pictures and telling me what the animals were doing so I gave it a three. What I gathered from the pictures and the title is to dream big and never give up. Keep trying for your dreams they will come true. 

Review: Dead Lawyers Don't Lie

Dead Lawyers Don't Lie: A Jake Wolfe Novel - Mark Nolan

I received this book to give an honest review. 


I have to say this was a pretty long book though it was full of humor and lots of action. There was not a dull moment at all.

Jake is an ex-marine well I say ex but once a marine always a marine in my eye. He is a photojournalist and from time to time helps out the law enforcement with tips. His best friend Terrell is on the force and the humor them two have is quite funny. 

Though Jake will find himself in a predicament and running from the law when an assassin has it out for him and certain people, . Along the way he will find a friend with a dog named Cody and will possibly find romance. 

It will be a fight to the death with this assassin and only one will survive. Though if the assassin dies who all dies with him? 

The book turned out to be pretty good, for me there was never anything dull it was a steady action plot. As far as characters go I really liked them all and found them to be developed. 

NetGalley Review: Gone Without A Trace

Gone Without a Trace - Mary Torjussen

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


Man when the twist came into play all I could say was OMG I so didn't see that coming at all. 


I don't know how to write this review without giving anything away because it is such a crazy twist but it doesn't come out until almost the end. 


So we follow Hannah as she has it all a wonderful job, a house and a boyfriend who loves her or does he? 

When she comes home and finds him gone she loses it. She will stop at nothing to find him but what she will uncover will not be pretty. The topic this book touches is one that a lot of people don't think happens, but let me tell you it does. Everything has been deleted from Hannah's life that has to do with her boyfriend Matt which has her literally going crazy. 


The way the author developed Hannah and the way she acted was pretty darn good. The plot was amazing and I loved how it was a page turner for me. 

This was one of those books that I couldn't put down, even to get things done. 

Review: Dead Over Heels

Dead over Heels - Theresa Braun

I received this book to give an honest review.

For a short ghost story I was really impressed. We are introduced to Veronica and Sebastian, who seem to start off in a police station but what lead us to that point? Well we find out that Veronica and Sebastian met on a dating site and they both seem to enjoy the paranormal. Though it seems that they have more in common than they thought. When they both decide to put some spirits to rest it is way more than they bargained for. That is where I will leave this review because I don't want to give anything away.  If you like ghost stories that are short and to the point give this book a try

Review: Origin of the Sphinx

Origin of the Sphinx - Raye Wagner

I received this book in a newsletter and I am glad I did. I do enjoy reading mythology if it is written out really good. With this story I was kind of worried on if I would like it because I wasn't sure where it would be headed. I am glad I gave it a try as I was impressed. We follow Phoibe as she find out who she truly is and falls in love. Though it seems that one God named Apollo will not take no for an answer. Phoibe has a choice but the choice she picks will have a consequence. As this is a prequel I am not sure how the other books in the series follows but it makes a good short book. It seems that Hope will be cursed and it will be up to Priska to help guide her in the best way.

Children's Review: From Ant To Eagle

From Ant to Eagle - Alex Lyttle

We received this book to give an honest review. 


Before I even started to read the book the author mentioned that there was talk of death so I had a heads up. I was worried when I started the book if K would enjoy the book being as this is not something he would have just picked up to start reading. We started reading about two chapters a night and it took us a good two weeks to finish it. I will say this, you will cry with this book. K got very upset with the fact that Sammy died, he didn't want him too. He also mentioned that there shouldn't be bad words. Though the only bad word that is mentioned is the s word and that is only three times. This led me to explain how the person who said that was expressing his feelings. 

There were a lot of things that I enjoyed with this book. It had K really ask questions on what the meaning of certain words were, to what exactly is cancer and, even to why do people die? It was a great discussion for us and it is something that I took time to answer. 

Calvin is a normal kid with a brother who loves to follow him around, so Calvin gives him things to do to earn a 'level' which for his brother Sammy it is something amazing. I will be honest I cried when Sammy earned the highest level possible. Then Calvin starts spending more time with a new friend and less with his brother. This leads us to where the family gets the news you never want to hear and this has Calvin feeling so many emotions one of them being guilt. Now as the story progresses we see how Sammy handles his sickness and how Calvin handles it. Calvin even makes a friend with a kid in the hospital named Oliver and Oliver seems to have sound advice when asked. I really loved Oliver's interpretation of Heaven and the poem that is read towards the end, well lets just say it goes perfect with it all. 

We learn how Calvin believes he killed his brother but it is something you need to read to find out why he believes that. I can honestly say this is one of the best books I have read with K that seemed to really open his eyes. I would really recommend this book for the middle grades. 


Children's Review: Santa's First Vegan Christmas

Santa's First Vegan Christmas - Robin Raven

We received this book to give an honest review. 


The pictures were cute though my daughter pointed out that Santa really needed to eat a lot of cookies because she didn't see his belly. I had to explain that some people have different views of Santa. She also was very sad to see Santa get upset as he isn't suppose to. So for the little ones you may have to explain why exactly he is huffing and puffing. 

In this story we see how one little reindeer steps up to help Santa not follow the normal route of Christmas. Instead of using reindeer to pull the sleigh she has a different idea on how he can deliver all the presents. 

Very cute story that is not only good around Christmas time but for bedtime as well.

NetGalley Review: I Want That Love

I Want That Love (Tyrannosaurus Series) - Tatsuya Miyanishi

We received this book via NetGalley. I have read other books by this author and I have slowly started to like the stories along with the art. There is always a lesson that is within the story. In this one we learn that love is important once you give it. I really liked how there were some different dinosaurs that I have never heard of before. Such as masiakasaurus, I have never heard of that dinosaur before. We follow Tyrannosaurus as he is mean just because he can be as he is big! Though when the table turns on him he gets showed kindness from someone he would have eaten. The pictures are pretty simple, nothing scary though when the Tyrannosaurus gets hurt it might make some kids sad. Overall a cute story that A liked. 

ARC Review: The Last Shadow Gate

The Last Shadow Gate: The Shadow Gate Chronicles Book I (Volume 1) - Michael W. Garza

I received this book to give an honest review. 

The Last Shadow Gate is actually pretty good and I highly recommend it for the middle graders. There is nothing violent, or cussing it is a clean book. We are introduced to Naomi and Gavin who are half brother and sister. When they have to go to their great grandmother's house for the Summer Naomi isn't too happy while Gavin is just like whatever. He has computer games to keep him busy. Though what they uncover about their great grandfather will open up a whole other world for them. It seems their grandfather disappeared while searching for these Shadow Gates but what awaits them in this new world they have never seen before is something that will have them deciding to either help or go home. It seems that within this other world there is evil that haunts the land. Azzmon is wanting to rule not only his land but the world that Gavin and Naomi came from. Though those two have no clue really what they have gotten themselves into.


To get help they will find friendship in different creatures, different islands that can be dangerous, and find the answers that lay within the journals of their grandfather. At the end of the book the two kids find themselves somewhere else and being asked where does their loyalty lie it seems that maybe they are going to have help to get rid of Azzmon as his power stretches pretty far.

Review: Sisters One, Two, Three

Sisters One, Two, Three - Nancy Star

I saw this on kindle first on amazon and though it was a bit outside of my normal genre I wanted to give it a try. 

I honestly have to say the book was pretty decent but the reason I gave it a three and not at least a four is that I was confused at times on the time frames of things. It would go between the present and the past though it doesn't tell you it just starts a new chapter. 

A family of four happy and normal until an accident happens, it changes everything. It shows that secrets are something that have a way of coming back to you. Though how will Ginger and Mimi handle the secret that will come from the death of Glory their mother? Though I can say I didn't agree with how Glory handled things at all. 

I have to say when I got towards the end I can't believe I didn't see that coming. 

As far as characters go they developed. We have Ginger who is dealing with her daughter trying to grow up and become her own person and Ginger having to come to terms with it. Ginger is a very worrisome person. Mimi we don't get much of her just bits and pieces and she is very in control of what goes on around her. 

The family comes along from tragedy and it ends up bringing them closer than they probably expected it to. It is hard to write a lot in this review as I don't want to give anything away. 

Overall it was a good read once I got to spotting when the story shifted timelines. 

#PBwkendread Review: In Case You Missed It

In Case You Missed It - Sarah Darer Littman

So I saw this book at my children's book fair. I grabbed it, read the back, put it down. Grabbed another book, put it down, then re-grabbed this book. What pulled me to it was the saying on the front. Everyone has secrets-until they go viral. How true is that. We all have things we have written online or sent as a text and it isn't meant for other eyes to see. So when Sammy's world is turned upside because of hackers she learns a valuable lesson, something that we all should think about. 

Now for me I figured there would have been more depth to what was posted, it was mostly Sammy's journal, text messages between her mom and dad, and her dad's emails. It seems that Sammy isn't the only one with secrets. Her family has to answer to the secrets that brought up. Too me it seemed that because of these hackers they did the damage they wanted too do, but it brought the family closer as we get towards the end. 

Sammy learns that her dad seems different when he is at work verses at home and it makes her question him. On top of trying to handle the backfire of her social life going down the drain because of what was posted the family has to come together when they learn via the hackers about a family member. 

Sammy to me was a developed character and too me acted like some teenagers do. I was glad to see a book that shows a teenager trying to do really good in school so she can have a bright future. 


To me this book is great for the teens and ya to read as it is a clean read.


My favorite quote Sammy is reading a book called The Light Between Oceans and she pulls this quote out of it. " We live with the decisions we make, Bill. That's what bravery is. Standing by the consequences of your mistakes."

#PBwkendread: In Case You Missed It




So I was looking around at the book fair at my children's school and saw this book. I grabbed it, read the back and then put down. Went onto something else but then put that book down as well, then came back to this one. What pulled me to want to own this book and read it was at the top it says "Everyone has secrets-until they go viral." That made me think this has to be a good book, because how many of us have secrets that we want no one to know? What happens to this girl when her secrets go viral and how damaging will it be? So this is my weekend read!!




Everyone has secrets—until they go viral. Sammy Wallach has epic plans for the end of junior year: Sneak out to the city to see her favorite band. Get crush-worthy Jamie Moss to ask her to prom. Rock all exams (APs and driver’s). With a few white lies, some killer flirting, and tons of practice, Sammy’s got things covered. That is, until the international bank her dad works for is attacked by hacktivists who manage to steal everything in the Wallach family’s private cloud, including Sammy’s entire digital life. Literally the whole world has access to her emails, texts, photos, and, worst of all, journal. Life. Is. Over. Now Sammy’s best friends are furious about things she wrote, Jamie thinks she’s desperate, and she can barely show her face at school. Plus, her parents know all the rules she broke. But Sammy’s not the only one with secrets—her family has a few of its own that could change everything. And while the truth might set you free, no one said it was going to be painless. Or in Sammy’s case, private.

Review: Onyx Webb: Book Seven: Episodes 19, 20 & 21

Onyx Webb: Book Seven: Episodes 19, 20 & 21 - Andrea Waltz, Richard Fenton

I received this book to give an honest review.
How can a series just keep getting better and better, I have no clue! This is an amazing series that just keeps pulling you into the web that has become joined by the characters. It is amazing how we have gone from the past to the present and the characters are entwine in some way or another. We have characters who have never believed in ghosts before become believers and will try to find the answers the ghost want. We will get a glimpse at Juniper who will hopefully give her brother the peace that he is needing. Even Declan's past will come to him and he will find that he can not hide away forever with things that are not his.

It is hard to write a review without giving anything away, because it is easy to do. If you like ghosts, murder, mystery all wrapped up into one then you really need to check out this series. It is one that will pull you in and not let you go.

#PBwkendread Review: The Other Side

The Other Side of Truth - Beverley Naidoo

So I wanted to read something outside of my normal reading genre. I looked around the library and saw this book kind of skimmed the blurb and grabbed it. It was not as in depth as I assumed it would have been. It just didn't pull to me like I wanted, but it was a decent read something that I am glad I got to read. It broke my heart to see how Sade was bullied in school. We are following Sade and her young brother as they are smuggled into London to escape what has happened to their family. We see how they are trying to adapt to their new life while worrying about their dad and if he is ever going to come to them. 

I think this book is good for the kids maybe 6th on up as it isn't graphic in any way and it makes you think about what others are going through in other parts of the world with wars. 

One quote I really liked was "Truth keeps the hand cleaner than soap." I feel like this quote is something that really speaks and something that people should think about. 

ARC Review: Sink: Underworld Ascending

Sink: Underworld Ascending - Perrin Briar

I received this ARC to give an honest review.


This is the last book in this series. I can honestly say that it has not being boring at all, plenty of action through out it all.

So we pick up right where we left off from the previous book. The family has gone through another passage and they are hoping it is the way home. Though it seems that what they really found is a place called Crossroads. This Crossroads leads to other passages and one in particular called Hell's Gate. It seems this could be the way home but will the family be able to pass through? Also people from their past will play a huge part which will come in handy when trying to stop the Cursed Ones from doing whatever they have planned.


I am sad this series is coming to an end as I wanted more worlds but it was a good series. The characters were well developed and even when faced with death they still survived and overcame it all. I do wonder how you would feel after having such amazing adventures then learning how to go back to your normal life. 

Though one thing I would like to know is how long were they underground? When I finished the book they made it seemed like it was just not very long.